Explore WaHu in 360

Step Inside and Discover Your Future Home

Embark on a digital journey through WaHu, where each corner is crafted for your ultimate comfort and convenience. Our virtual tours bring our vibrant community to your screen, showcasing the premier amenities and living spaces that WaHu residents cherish. From the serenity of personal study spots to the excitement of community areas, get a glimpse of the WaHu way of life—where every detail is designed with you in mind.

Your Secure Spot

Park & Glide at WaHu

Begin your virtual experience where every day at WaHu starts and ends: our garage.

With ample space, secure access, and well-lit areas, it’s more than a parking spot – it’s the peace of mind that your vehicle is just as well taken care of as you are.

Brainwaves Welcome

WaHu’s Study Sanctuaries

Dive into the quiet ambiance of our study rooms, designed to help you focus and flourish academically.

Whether you’re cracking books for finals or brainstorming for projects, these spaces are your academic oasis.

The Tech-Enriched Study Spot

Click, Study, Repeat

Take a spin through our computer room, a hub equipped with the latest tech for research, essays, and all your digital needs.

With high-speed internet and cutting-edge software, it’s where projects come to life and deadlines are met with ease.

WaHu’s Round-the-Clock Fitness Hub

Flex & Refresh

Step into our 24/7 fitness center where health goals are achieved and new limits are discovered.

Packed with top-tier equipment and ample room to move, it’s your on-site destination to unwind, recharge, and push your fitness forward.

WaHu’s Aquatic Retreat

Splash & Relax

Explore the heart of WaHu’s leisure facilities: our swimming pool and hot tub.

It’s where residents soak up the sun, take a dip to cool off, or just lounge back and enjoy the bubbling warmth of the hot tub under the stars.

Dual Delight

The WaHu Two-Bedroom Tour

Walk through our two-bedroom apartments that offer the perfect balance of privacy and companionship.

With stylish furnishings, modern appliances, and ample space, these homes are where memories are made and every day student life is enjoyed to the fullest.

See Yourself Here

Peek Into WaHu Living

Take a video stroll through the WaHu experience with our property video. Witness the vibrant atmosphere, explore the myriad of amenities, and envision your life within these walls—where every detail is designed with you in mind.