Blaze Pizza
Fresh dough. Artisanal ingredients. Inventive to classic. You decide! Blazing oven + dedicated pizza smith + 180 seconds = fast-fire’d perfection. Come and check it out for yourself at WaHu, and don’t forget to bring your friends as well to share the pie!

The very first LEGENDARY SPICE (KUAN ZHAI) opened in 2017 in CHENGDU, China and IN THE SAME YEAR, A SECOND LOCATION OPENED ON CAMPUS AT UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA TWIN CITIES. LEGENDARY SPICE prides itself on providing traditional Sichuan cuisine with high-quality ingredients.

MuMu Tea
Mumu Tea serves traditional Taiwanese bubble tea and wheel cake!

Bank of America
Whether you want to get your first credit card, open a savings account, or withdraw some money from your parents to dine at Blaze pizza, LEGENDARY SPICE, or MUMU TEA, we'VE got you covered with Bank of America located at WaHu. Don’t forget to stop by the leasing office to sign a lease, TAKE a tour, or simply say hi to us!